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I am a terrible blogger! March 1, 2010

Oh boy. I am so terrible at blogging! It’s been 4 months. Sooo…the NaKnitMo challenge is complete and I did make it to 30,000 stitches.

Another challenge I’ve been participating in is the 3rd Canadian Book Challenge and I’ve been fairly horrible at keeping up with that too! I had originally planned on reading and reviewing Canada’s earliest books for children, published in the 19th and early 20th Centuries. That, unfortunately, would have required quite a bit of reading on the microfiche machine at the library. Since my extra time is limited I figured that I wouldn’t really have enough time to hang around the library reading at the machine. Instead I’ve decided to do graphic novels for kids and teens by Canadian authors and illustrators. I’ve actually read three up to this point so I’ve got an awful lot of catching up to do.


Another Challenge November 3, 2009

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I’m taking part in NaKnitMo during the month of November. Basically, the idea is that I’m trying to knit 30,000 stitches during the month. So far I’ve been working on the Woodland Shawl and Margot. The shawl needs to be finished by November 19th because I want to wear it to this year’s Canadian Children’s Literature Awards. Margot needs to be finished for Christmas for a very special someone who I don’t think reads this blog (but I’m not gonna say just in case!). I need to find the battery charger for my camera but once I do I will post some photos of the projects.

2,820 stitches down, 27,180 to go!


Baby Steps December 13, 2007

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I’m supposed to be working on two essays and an assignment. What am I doing? I’m looking up knitting patterns and researching Canadian children’s literature. I’m finished my exams for the term and now I have all kinds of time on my hands before I have to run my after-school program. One thing I’ve learned about managing my ADHD is that I have to have structure. The busier I am, the more likely I am to get things done. I suppose it’s because when I have all kinds of time open I end up saying “oh well, I can just do it later or tomorrow, or whenever…I’ve got lots of time!”. When I’m super-busy and I know that I only have a one hour block of time in which to do a reading or work on a piece of writing then I get it done because there is no room for procrastination. That’s not to say that I never procrastinate when I’m busy, in fact I do it quite frequently, but when I’m on the ball I can organize my time better when I’m busy. I need to be more careful about giving myself deadlines and not to let my professors give me “open” due dates when I get an extension on an assignment because I just drag it out forever. I should be on vacation from school at this point and instead I’ve got all these papers hanging over my head. One of the papers I need to write is only three pages long and I have done way too much research already. I’ve psyched myself out on writing it way too many times now because I can’t seem to focus my thoughts into just three pages! I will write it today. That is what I will do today. Baby steps right?